The Possible Government Grant Opportunities for Single Mothers

Government Aid for Single Mothers

Being a single mother is not an easy task and most often than not, they struggle in raising and supporting their children. Favorably for these brave moms, there is government aid for single mothers. The help from the government varies from giving the family’s basic needs, funding the single mom’s education and sending them food stamps; to housing grants and medical insurance.
Generally, the help from the government is available through the Department of Human Services and can be accessed on all states.

Different Kinds Of Government Aid For Single Mothers

  • Medical Coverage – this program allows the children of single mothers, or of low income families, to enrol in government medical programs.
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program or TANF – offered not only to single mothers, but to families with qualified children that are in the low income bracket. With the TANF, families are entitled for free food.
  • Section 8 Housing – this program entitles qualified families for ‘split rent’ where the Department of Housing and Urban Development pays for one part of the rent and the rest is paid by the family.
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP – offers one-time assistance to qualified households who need help in paying for their energy bills.
  • Food Stamps –  this government aid for single mothers is also available for families under the low income bracket. Food stamps can be used to buy food and to cover students’ meals at the school cafeteria.

Educational Assistance For Single Mothers

Apart from the above-mentioned government aid for single mothers, educational grants are also made available by the government to help single moms continue their post-secondary studies. By allowing them to pursue their degrees, single moms can have a better job, hence, better income.  Here are some of the educational government assistance for single mothers:

  • Pell Grant – gives educational grants, which fund the schooling expenses of a qualified student.
  • Federal Supplementation Education Opportunity Grant – similar to Pell Grant, this educational grant is awarded not only to single mothers in need, but to needy college students in general. The FSEOG can give up to $4000 worth of financial assistance a year.
  • Federal Work-Study Program – this is a government funding programs awarded to institutions to give part-time job opportunities to qualified students. This program can be very useful to single mothers because they are given a chance to earn a living while earning a degree. However, some institutions limit the number of hours of work per week, but all in all, this is a great government program.

Government aid for single mothers is a good way of giving single parents, specifically mothers, the chance for a new life. The help from the government also guarantees that the children’s needs are not compromised.