The Possible Government Grant Opportunities for Single Mothers

Government Programs for Single Mothers

Being a single mom can be a draining experience in physical, emotional, and financial terms. Luckily, there are several government programs for single mothers that can help single moms with almost all their financial needs.

Raising the children alone is a very challenging job. A family will not be able to make it if it has no means of income. Thanks to government agencies, a lot of help is coming to help our single mothers do their job as moms. Government programs for single mothers contribute largely not only to moms, but to the children, as well.

Top 5 Government Programs For Single Mothers

  • College Grants – there are several Federal Government grants that enable single mothers continue their college education in order to give the mothers and their children a better future. College grants include the Pell Grant, the Academic Competitive Grant, the National SMART Grant, and many many more.
  • Child Care Assistance – available through the DHS (Department of Human Services), this program varies according to state. In general, the government pays the child care providers who take care of the single mothers’ children. Note that the child must be 12 years old and below and the mother must be either working or attending school.
  • Free Lunch Program – available not only to children of single mothers, but to children from families with low income, as well. This program enables the children to get their lunch at school for free.
  • Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children or WIC – is a federal program made for low income mothers with infants and  young children aged 5 and below, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. The vouchers are sent monthly, and can be used to buy milk and other food necessities. Typically, a family that is qualified to Medicaid, the Food Stamp Program, or other similar programs, can avail of the WIC.
  • Furniture Vouchers – low income single moms who are moving to new apartments can apply for furniture vouchers from the Department of Human Services.


When considering a program application, make sure to check whether you are eligible or not. Even if you have a low income, some programs may require you to meet certain standards in order to qualify.  Nevertheless, we are very lucky to have several government programs for single mothers, which can definitely make the lives of striving single moms much easier.