The Possible Government Grant Opportunities for Single Mothers

Government Grants for Single Mothers

Government grants, although not created solely for single moms, are a great help to those who are eligible. Nevertheless, because there is a growing number of single mothers, the U.S. government considered to offer these government grants for single mothers.

The Various Grants For Single Mothers

There are different government programs for single moms, and if you think you are entitled for one, then you should take advantage of it. There are grants to aid in college education, housing expenses, and food expenses. There are grants that help you start a small business, as well.

College Education Assistance

Successful College Grants for Single MothersGovernment grants for single mothers for college education include the Pell Grant, the TEACH Program (Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education), and the Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant. Moreover, there are college grants for single moms that are based on their chosen field of interest. There is a grant for those who want to pursue a law degree, a grant specifically made for students who want to become a writer, and so on.

Before applying for a college grant, it is best to determine if you are eligible or not. Furthermore, it is your responsibility to produce the requirements. In general, regardless of the Federal government grant, students who plan to apply for a college grant need to file the FAFSA or Free Application For Federal Student Aid.

In addition to the FAFSA form, single mothers also need to meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • high school diploma, GED, or equivalent
  • must have strong financial need
  • have a U.S. Citizenship or be an eligible non-citizen
  • valid Social Security number
  • must be listed with the Selective Service, if applicable
  • GPA must be satisfactory

Housing Grants For Single Mothers

Single mothers can now buy houses through government grantsIn addition to college grants, eligible single moms can also take advantage of government grants for single mothers for housing.
If you are a single mom in dire need for a shelter for you and your kids, you may try to apply for housing grant eligibility.

Housing grants include Rental Assistance Program, Homeownership Voucher Program, Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program, and Second Chance Home Program; all of which are assisted grants from the HUD or the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Choose from one of these programs to help you with your housing down payment, monthly amortization, or to cut down your rental cost.

Please note that although most government grants for single mother do not require you to pay them back, there are some that act as a “loan” and are needed to be repaid. Moreover, you must understand that while it is possible to apply for a housing grant to buy a home, it is not a common thing. In addition, most grants are for financial assistance to those who already own or rent a home.

Other Government Grants For Single Mothers

Apart from college and housing grants, single moms can take advantage of many other government grants. Check below to see if you qualify for one…

  • Medicaid – available for mothers with dependent children who need medical care. This program is only for jobless moms with no source of income.
  • Child Care Assistance – if you are a single mother who pays for child care provider, you may apply for government assistance, to which the government will pay for the service. This financial aid is awarded only to single mothers with children under the age of 13 and are currently working or going to school.
  • Furniture Voucher – if you are a single mother in need for new furniture, you may apply for eligibility in the Department of Human Services office near you.
  • Free Lunch Program – this program is made available to serve grade school and high school students from low income families. The eligible child is entitled to get free lunch at school.
  • WIC – the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children or WIC is a government aid for single mothers with dependent children. The program provides mothers with vouchers, which can be used to buy milk, juice, and baby food to supplement their children’s needs. WIC can be used in conjunction with the Food Stamp Program.
  • SBIR – the Small Business Innovation Research program is a US government program that assists those who want to establish a small business but do not have the needed capital. This program is not only for single mothers, but is also granted to existing small business firms, too.

When applying for a government grant, you have to make sure that you are fully eligible. You should leave nothing to chance and must do your ‘due diligence’ to determine the important requirements or prerequisite to make your chance of acceptance higher. Nevertheless, if you are in great need, you should never hesitate to ask for the government’s help and apply for government grants for single mothers.